Who We Are

IONETIC works with niche vehicle-makers and automotive OEMs to overcome the challenges of transitioning to electrification, accelerating the journey to net-zero emissions.

James Eaton

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Having spent four years working in battery pack reserach at Imperial College London, James founded IONETIC to help automotive companies make the electrification transition with great engineering solutions at a price point they can afford.

Monica Marinescu


Monica is a Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London and has spent more than 10 years working on battery research and modelling. She founded IONETIC to help provide end-to-end solutions – so IONETIC could help niche manufacturers create a battery pack that was bespoke but didn’t require as much time and investment.

Waseem Marzook

Head of Engineering

Waseem joined IONETIC to help build great engineering solutions. Having worked in battery research for more than 5 years, he is well equiped to create world-leading battery pack solutions.

What does the future hold for IONETIC

Our target is to have produced over 10GWh of battery packs by 2027 – which we estimate would save over 100,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. We also aim to produce over 5GWh of battery packs in 2027 alone.

Looking beyond, you can expect IONETIC to develop further impactful technology, in our mission to help reduce the cost of electrification, get more vehicles electrified, as well as improve user experience through better energy density and higher performance.

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IONETIC provides end-to-end solutions for battery pack, taking you through requirements, prototyping, testing, and mass manufacture.

Existing solutions can be expensive, have a long lead time, or are manufactured in another continent. If you want better battery pack solutions, IONETIC will support you.


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