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IONETIC provides a one stop solution, empowering all OEMs to create electric vehicles, with the correct economics and performance. We do this by reducing battery pack development costs up to 10x and tailoring the battery pack design. IONETIC is vertically integrated, carrying out the design, test, and manufacturing of battery packs, while leveraging that vertical integration with our battery platform, Arc. Arc standardises materials, geometries, the bill of materials & process, and more, allowing all battery packs to share a common foundation but tailored to the exact needs of the customer.

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    Arc Platform

    IONETIC’s battery pack platform allows us to create tailored battery packs, faster, and cheaper, enabling all OEM’s to create excellent electric vehicles

    About IONETIC

    IONETIC was founded to empower all OEMs to create excellent electric vehicles, by developing and delivering best-in-class battery technology to our customers.


    IONETIC provides end-to-end solutions for battery pack, taking you through requirements, prototyping, testing, and mass manufacture.

    Existing solutions are often too expensive, come with project management headaches, or are manufactured in another continent. If you want better battery pack solutions, IONETIC are here to help.