Producing an effective and safe battery pack solution is becoming increasingly expensive and time-consuming for many companies in the automotive space. Fully customised designs are often unaffordable and existing ‘off-the-shelf’ battery pack solutions suffer from low energy density and inefficient system design, particularly for niche automotive manufacturers who make lower volumes of vehicles and have unique requirements.

IONETIC is unique in that it solves this problem by striking a balance between cost and customisation to help accelerate battery pack development like never before.

ARC makes your EV better

At IONETIC, we are dedicated to helping niche automotive manufacturers make the transition to electrification and reducing CO2 emissions. We want to make that transition as easy as possible for you – that includes a low volume minimum order quantity and low design fees.

This is why we developed ARC, a highly customisable and automatically optimised battery pack platform. Designed with flexibility and customisation at its heart, IONETIC’s bespoke platform enables each battery pack concept to be adjusted cell by cell – creating a solution that efficiently utilises the available space, increasing energy density and meeting customers’ packaging requirements.

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Who we are

IONETIC is a UK-based start-up specialising in EV battery pack technology. We produce highly optimised and cost-effective battery pack solutions thanks to our bespoke, state-of-the-art design platform and in-house production strategy.

Our mission is to help accelerate the mobility industry’s journey to net-zero emissions by supporting niche vehicle-makers and automotive OEMs to overcome the challenges of transitioning to electrification.

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Our target is to have produced over 10GWh of battery packs by 2028 – which we estimate would save over 100,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Looking beyond, you can expect IONETIC to develop further impactful technology, in our mission to help reduce the cost of electrification, get more vehicles electrified, as well as improve user experience through better energy density and higher performance.

Our pilot production and research & development centre is set to open soon, with production scaling up from 2024. If you need help electrifying your vehicles, get in touch to ensure you get a build slot for your production target date.

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Latest News

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IONETIC provides end-to-end solutions for battery pack, taking you through requirements, prototyping, testing, and mass manufacture.

Existing solutions are often too expensive, come with project management headaches, or are manufactured in another continent. If you want better battery pack solutions, IONETIC are here to help.