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IONETIC has been awarded the Faraday Entrepreneurial Fellowship by the Faraday Institution (tag). Joining 11 previous recipients, IONETIC will receive funding to further develop its battery pack technology for niche vehicles.

IONETIC is on a mission to develop and deliver world leading battery technology to empower all OEMs to create exceptional electric vehicles. It is a one-stop solution for battery pack design, test, and manufacture, leveraging vertical integration and its battery platform Arc, to achieve a 90% cost saving in the development of automotive battery packs. Arc, based both in software and hardware, standardises materials, geometries, and more, allowing all battery packs to share a common foundation while being tailored to the needs of the customer. Combined with a flexible manufacturing system, IONETIC can deliver class-leading speed and cost to market.

It’s tailored design, with a core focus on electrochemical battery performance, enables each battery pack to be a different shape, size, energy, or voltage, with a focus on high energy, long life, or high performance. Its current architecture enables up to 245Wh/kg at a module level, while also being capable of racing-specification performance.

The Entrepreneurial Fellowship will help fund the further development of IONETIC’s technology, as the company builds and validates prototype battery packs based on the Arc platform. The Faraday Institution team will also provide IONETC with business advice, mentorship, access to its network, and further development of its IP strategy.


IONETIC is also leading a Faraday Battery Challenge project, BESTBUS (Round 6), in collaboration with Imperial College London (ESE, Imperial College London) and Alexander Dennis.