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IONETIC design and build electric vehicle battery pack technology

Please introduce yourself and your start-up IONETIC to our readers!

I’m James, the CEO & Founder at IONETIC, a UK based start-up that helps niche vehicle-makers and automotive OEMs overcome the challenges of transitioning to electrification. We do that by using our state-of-the-art platform and in-house production strategy to manufacture optimised, cost-effective battery pack solutions, overseeing the whole process, from initial concept to final production.

Before starting IONETIC I studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London, where I went on to become a researcher at the Electrochemical Science and Engineering Group there. I grew up in Yorkshire and love playing piano and guitar, as well as being a massive Manchester United fan – hope that doesn’t put anyone off from reading on!

After speaking to several smaller vehicle companies in the UK, I noticed that many were in critical need of support in all stages of the battery pack value chain – from having the initial vision to producing a vehicle ready, fully optimised battery.

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